Your Radiant Voice - Bring Creativity and Confidence to your Message!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level, but when you tell people what you do, speak to an audience, teach a class or do videos for your clients you just don’t feel the ease you desire?


Open to the power of your voice, share and present with confidence, and design your content with a sense of easy creativity and fun!

Imagine that you are ready to launch something new in your business...  You have complete confidence that you will be able to express YOUR authentic voice in your content, speak concisely about your work, and create connection with your audience and with clients because you have know how to use your voice.

You are actually looking forward to the process of feeling “stretched” to bring your next creative project to life, or give your next big talk. 

However, right now, you are stuck in a place where you know you have real value to offer but you need to get out of your own way and get out of the loop that is keeping you from taking the next steps. Instead of feeling nourished and enlivened by your work, you feel stressed and overwhelmed, disconnected not only from what you are doing but from other aspects of your life as well.  You have lost touch with your excitement and creative inspiration, or perhaps you are terrified about not being able to get through your next big talk?



I know what it’s like to feel “blocked” and unable to bring my true voice forward. It has always been true for me that I feel MOST alive when creatively stimulated and exploring, AND I had to learn to quiet the intense feelings of not being good enough or prepared enough that surfaced every time I was faced with an audience.

I’ve done the dance of being gifted and knowing I have something to share and yet still hiding from myself and the world.... until I simply didn't want to hide anymore!

After years of study in the arts, sound healing, meditation, and chanting I knew it was time to create a business that shared all of my gifts.  Through engaging my creativity, harnessing the power and energy of my true voice, and using all my skills to quiet my internal critic, I found everything I needed to step out here with you and offer my integrated skills.

It can be incredibly vulnerable to let ourselves be heard, and I am here to use everything I have learned along my path in order to support you on yours!  My years of study and cultivation of expression can support YOU in learning how to free your voice so you can get out there.  

That’s why I created, ‘Your Radiant Voice - Bring Creativity and Confidence to your Message!’ for entrepreneurs who are committed to enjoying their business as a creative process and prize authenticity above all else. This coaching program was created to help you shift from feeling weighed down by getting your business off the ground to finding genuine confidence in speaking your message, sharing your business and truly embodying your voice and your creativity so your ventures become the works of art they are meant to be!

All the juicy things you are going to receive!!

  • Breathing exercises to support our voices and support our nervous systems when we are “sitting in the fire” and expressing ourselves in front of others!

  • Sound healing practices to open your voice AND energy as well as help you move through issues associated with “performance anxiety” and stress, as well as benefit the nervous system.  

  • Learn how to truly listen to your most essential self so that your message is in alignment with who you really are.

  • You will be led through an inquiry process that could change your whole approach to beginning a creative project.

  • Vocal exercises that build the strength and range of your speaking (and singing!) voice and free up the flow of creativity

  • You will have access to a whole “tool-kit” that will help you open up when you are in that stuck state.

Learn how to invite your true voice to flourish as though you are courting a lover ~ so much more fun than thinking about how we want to ‘sell’ something!   Feel good about expressing yourself and your message! This program will offer you a safe, encouraging, and inspiring container so that you can open your voice and let your true self out! Our online group classes will provide a space where we can learn new skills together.  When we learn in shared community we can be encouraged and inspired by others’ learning and growth!

If you think this will never work for you, let me say this. We can change anything we put our whole hearts into.  Being stuck is ALWAYS temporary, and we can learn how to get out of our own way and be in service to our businesses and vision.  Learning these ways to open your voice will forever impact the way you feel about sharing yourself with others, in all kinds of circumstances.  All of these exercises come with the added bonus of directly affecting your nervous system and greatly reducing stress.

This program is for you if:

  • You are ready to stretch beyond your comfort zone so you can finally speak in front of your audience!

  • You want SUPPORT and real tools so you can focus on your next big talk, a video that needs to be made, or some other creative endeavor.

  • You are excited to dive into the creative process and let the SOURCE of your creative expression inform your work.

  • You are ready to explore the unique expression and sound of your voice.

  • You want to learn and grow in a small supportive community

  • You want to learn techniques that you can use again and again to cultivate your creativity and get your projects off the ground!

  • You are feeling stressed out and you want tools to support you in relaxing the nervous system.

This program is not for you if:

  • You are determined that you will NEVER be able to change

  • You are not willing to be vulnerable and try new things

What’s Included?

  • 6 group sessions via video conference (Zoom). All recordings will be available if you can’t make the live classes.

  • Live Q+A each week during our group sessions for one on one attention.

  • 30 min. private session with me to be scheduled during the course.

  • Worksheets for creative assignments.

  • Home-play in between classes + Sessions to develop your personal practice.

  • Facebook Group to share and ask questions throughout the week.

  • Audio + video recordings of all live classes.

  • BONUS: Super-sweet loving surprise gift mailed to you!

*We just completed a round of Your Radiant Voice and will be opening registration for another round soon! Please email us to be the first to know when we open registration:*