I help entrepreneurs transform their fears around speaking in public, refine their message, learn how to project their energy and voice in a room, and confidently speak about their work in the world.

You are an amazing human being who does incredible work in the world, and you are ready to get out there! 

You have come to the right place if you are ready to communicate with ease and centered power in order to promote your business and ideas in this complex world!  Sign up for my email list and receive my free 15 min. audio, a vocal warm-up to calm pre-speaking nerves, "Get Centered and Find Your Power" as a thank you.  While you are here, get some great tips through my blog, and check out my programs.  Let's get your voice HEARD by your audience!

Do you LONG to speak about your business with fearless confidence and ease?


 You imagine ALL the people you could reach with your work.

And yet...

  • You get the jitters so badly you never want to speak in front of people again.
  • You don’t like the sound of your voice, or don’t trust it to come out when you need it the most? 
  • You feel okay about speaking but you want to connect with the power of your voice in a way you never have before? 

Most of us experience fear around our self-expression… and especially when we get in front of people!  

I can still remember the feeling of sweat dripping down my legs while my body shook almost every time I sang or spoke in front of people…  

I was afraid I wouldn’t be “good enough” and definitely didn't know enough to get in front of an audience.   Luckily I learned some really effective techniques that helped me turn all of that around.

Let me help you express yourself in the ways you most want!


In our culture, too many of us have a traumatic story that contributed to the muting of our voices and self-expression. It's often at the root of what is holding us back from sharing our businesses today. 

It would be my honor to guide you in a process of unraveling from that old story of being small and cultivating the instrument that takes the message from inside your heart, mind and body and into the world... YOUR VOICE.


How I can help...


Through the coaching and programs I offer, here are some of the things you can expect:

  • Tools to cultivate confidence.
  • Preparation and practice for your next video, event, or talk. 
  • Learn how to find vocal power and resonance while benefiting from the energizing/healing effects of your voice.
  • Transform the relationship you have with your voice from something you are scared to use to something you know is powerful, healing, and persuasive.
  • Begin loving how you sound! 
  • Use your creativity energy to inform your content and what’s next in your business and your life! (This is so much fun!)
  • Get your "elevator speech" ready to go so regardless of where you are, you can speak about what you do!

Ready to calm your pre-speaking nerves?

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