I have a passionate, poetic heart that has always had things to express...


My passion for expression drives me, and since my early childhood, I have continually returned to creative expression in many forms to connect to myself and to living an inspired life.

My explorations have taken many forms including dance, poetry, songwriting, and singing Kirtan!  I've had the blessing of studying with AMAZING teachers and being on all different kinds of stages throughout my life.

I’m one of those people that strangers want to tell their life stories to.  

My ability to empathize and hold space for folks is one reason I chose a career in bodywork for many years of my adult life. Simultaneously, I studied the arts, sound healing, dance, and chanting. I am also an herbalist, lover of yoga asana and dedicated practitioner of traditional lineage meditation. 

After years of being a holistic health practitioner, I felt the limitations of compartmentalizing the work I did in the world and my passions. I wanted to create programs that shared all of my gifts and truly helped to empower women. However, I got turned off by the in-authenticity of trying to “sell” myself.  

I know what it’s like to feel “blocked”, stuck, and unable to bring my true voice forward...

I finally realized that I needed to use and offer all tools that I've been gathering as a singer/songwriter and creative seeker who went from terrified and blocked to truly delighting in my creative process and performing without stress.

It can be incredibly vulnerable to let ourselves be heard...

I am here to use everything I have learned along my path in order to support you on yours!  I have spent lots of time, energy, and money cultivating my creativity and expression, and I’ve been teaching people how to sing and open their voices privately and in workshops for the last several years.  I want to help you shift your experience around sharing your most fully expressed voice in order to make help you and your business flourish. 

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